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Attractive technology - soundHD in designer housing.


Model Average Retail Our Price  As Low As
AQ Rechargeable $2,399 $1,225 each $60/mo.*
AQ Rechargeable $4,900 $2,450 pair $60/mo.*

Design is an important subject at our glass-front production site. After all, as is often the case in life, first impressions are crucial. HANSATON‘s intelligent design solutions turn hearing systems into especially attractive, pleasant, and discreet little helpers. ease of hearing means not only superior technology, but also a sophisticated design concept. All HANSATON hearing systems must fulfill these requirements before they leave our production premises in Hamburg.

All this without sacrificing everyday practicality: All soundHD models are IP57-certified; the soundHD 13 and soundHD S312e are even IP67-certified. Their plasma surfaces provide extra protection against external influences such as dirt and moisture.

soundHD in designer housing: Rounded, supple designs that account for the natural shape of the ear make the device pleasant to wear right from the start. Clever design elements and color combinations ensure that the hearing system is hardly even noticeable – neither to the wearer nor to others nearby. The hearing system user can move about his or her environment freely and naturally.

Aesthetically appealing. Acoustically impressive.

soundHD S312e, the latest hearing system with external receivers, is aesthetically appealing and acoustically impressive. Thanks to the increased plateau size the pushbutton is easy to feel behind the ear. Due to its distinctive shape, the battery door is easy to feel and particularly comfortable to open. The soundHD S312e ensures an easy operation and pleases design lovers both with its spirited design elements and the harmonious interplay of colors. soundHD S312e is nominated for the German Design Award 2017 and seamlessly joins a long story of success. For years, HANSATON has been repeatedly recognized for the innovative design of its hearing systems.

Good hearing enhances your life – HANSATON is there for you.

Thankfully, almost no one has to do without good hearing. Intelligent technologies from HANSATON allow people to enjoy life with all their senses once again. In addition, HANSATON solutions place great emphasis on ensuring that the individual is happy with his or her hearing aid. Look around and discover the HANSATON hearing aid that’s right for you.

Ideal speech clarity and brilliant soundHD in an elegant design.

Attractive technology - buy Hansaton Hearing Aids online 

High-tech with personality.

Hearing systems are little miracles. They pack a wealth of technology into a tiny space – complex, state-of-the-art software innovations that are now able to address almost any form of hearing loss.

As simple and inconspicuous as they seem on the outside, they are the product of impressive engineering knowledge, intuition and an exceptional understanding of design. Creating change and progress is a challenge that Hansaton hearing system manufacturers have set as their number-one priority with every one of their developments – for audiologists and their customers.

About Hansaton Hearing Aids

Hansaton is one of the world’s leading providers of hearing aids. Hansaton products can dramatically improve quality of life and reduce life limitations created by hearing loss.  Purchase the Hansaton SoundHD Hearing Aids up to 55% Off Retail of what you may pay in your local shop.

Why Hansaton 

Our Personal Hearing Consultants are here to help you research and learn what type of Hansaton hearing aid can help you. Hansaton offers one of the most complete selections of hearing aids on the market to ensure you find the best model for your needs.

It’s the versatility that makes the difference. A great hearing aid enables you to effortlessly move from one listening environment to another. Go from the office, to home, to social settings, seamlessly. Hansaton hearing aids also offer the unique ability to transfer speech signals between hearing aids, allowing you to hear everything simultaneously, with both ears. Styles range from hearing aids that are barely visible outside the ear, to models that offer exceptionally long battery life. Explore Hansaton with Next Level Hearing by talking with your Personal Hearing Consultant today and find out what the world of hearing aids has to offer.

AutoSurround HD: An automatic operating system designed to help you seamlessly move through your day. The hearing aid will adjust volume, program, noise reduction and several other features automatically as listening demands change. 


Understanding Products

What’s in a name?

Often times, the names of the products add additional confusion. Each manufacturer uses a different naming convention for their products which makes comparisons among the brands even more difficult.  At Next Level Hearing, we help you decode the different names so that you can better understand your recommendation. We encourage you to come back to this section after you get a recommendation in order to better understand which product you have been recommended and why.

By style
At Hansaton, each different style has its own product name:

  • Sound HD: Receiver in Canal (RIC)
  • Jam: In the Ear (ITE)
  • AQ Rechargeable

By technology level
Each technology level is also assigned a number, with the higher numbers representing a higher level of technology:

  • HD 9: premium level (most features)
  • HD 7: advanced level
  • HD 5: standard level
  • HD 3: basic level (least features)

By processing chip
Hansaton also names each product platform based on which processing chip is being used.  This will help you differentiate between the latest generation of product from the older products:

  • easeHD Platform (the newest platform available)
  • ease Platform (last generations platform)

Sometimes, each battery size is added to the end of a product name to designate what size battery the product uses (10, 13, 312, etc.)

So a Hansaton SoundHD 9 is a receiver in canal instrument, in the premium level, using the latest chip platform, in a size 312 battery.

Find the best Hansaton hearing aid models at Nextlevelhearing.com. Finding a high quality hearing aid product is always a challenge. Finding a high quality hearing product at a reasonable price is even more difficult.  Order Hansaton hearing aids online safe and secure.  Order in confidence with our 60 day 100% money back refund policy, a full refund is granted to anyone who returns the purchase within 60 days.  Purchase the Hansaton Sound HD9 Hearing Aids up to 55% Off Retail of what you may pay in your local shop.


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