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About Phonak Hearing Aids

Model Average Retail Our Price Each As Low As
Audeo B90 $3,600 $1,675 $63/mo.*
Audeo B70 $2,640 $1,399 $46/mo.*
Audeo B50 $2,400 $1,099 $42/mo.*
Audeo B30 $2,100 $900 $37/mo.*

Phonak is, simply put, one of the world’s leading providers of hearing aids. Phonak products can dramatically improve quality of life and reduce life limitations created by hearing loss.  Purchase the Phonak Audéo B Hearing Aids up to 55% Off Retail of what you may pay in your local shop.

Phonak History 

Over its 70 year history, Phonak has focused on the delivery of cutting-edge hearing solutions. Phonak creates a diverse line of hearing aid devices to fit every need and type of hearing loss. All Phonak products are designed for ultimate comfort and sound receptivity. In keeping up with the race to make hearing aids technologically-friendly, many Phonak devices use convenient Bluetooth® connectivity to work simply with electronic appliances including phones and TVs to enhance your hearing and listening enjoyment.

Next Level Hearing has enjoyed a long relationship with the Phonak brand, helping thousands of customers achieve better hearing and experience a new way of life with Phonak hearing aids and accessories.

Why Phonak

Life is on!

Our Personal Hearing Consultants are here to help you research and learn what type of Phonak hearing aid can help you. Phonak offers one of the most complete selections of hearing aids on the market to ensure you find the best model for your needs.

It’s the versatility that makes the difference. A great hearing aid enables you to effortlessly move from one listening environment to another. Go from the office, to home, to social settings, seamlessly. Phonak hearing aids also offer the unique ability to transfer speech signals between hearing aids, allowing you to hear everything simultaneously, with both ears. Styles range from hearing aids that are barely visible outside the ear, to models that offer exceptionally long battery life. Explore Phonak with Next Level Hearing by talking with your Personal Hearing Consultant today and find out what the world of hearing aids has to offer.

Autosense OS: An automatic operating system designed to help you seamlessly move through your day. The hearing aid will adjust volume, program, noise reduction and several other features automatically as listening demands change. 

Binaural Voicestream: Phonak’s industry leading feature that allows the hearing aids to truly function as a wireless system, sharing data and sound between the ears.  This goes beyond standard ‘wireless’ hearing aids which just share volume and program settings and allows for you to experience true 360 degree hearing. 

SoundRecover: What happens when we have so much hearing loss in the high frequencies that we are not able to turn up the sound loud enough? Or what if when we do turn it up the sound becomes distorted? Welcome soundrecover – a way for the hearing aid to collect high frequency sounds and lower the pitch, presenting them to the ear in an area where we have better, more clear hearing abilities.


Understanding Products

What’s in a name?

Often times, the names of the products add additional confusion. Each manufacturer uses a different naming convention for their products which makes comparisons among the brands even more difficult.  At Next Level Hearing, we help you decode the different names so that you can better understand your recommendation. We encourage you to come back to this section after you get a recommendation in order to better understand which product you have been recommended and why.

By style
At Phonak, each different style has its own product name:

  • Audeo B-R: Receiver in Canal (RIC) built in Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Audeo: Receiver in Canal (RIC)
  • Bolero: Behind the Ear (BTE)
  • Virto: In the Ear (ITE)
  • Naida: The Power instrument

By technology level
Each technology level is also assigned a number, with the higher numbers representing a higher level of technology:

  • 90: premium level (most features)
  • 70: advanced level
  • 50: standard level
  • 30: basic level (least features)

By processing chip
Phonak also names each product platform based on which processing chip is being used.  This will help you differentiate between the latest generation of product from the older products:

B: Belong Platform (the newest platform available)
V: Venture Platform (last generations platform)
Q: Quest Platform (a solid legacy product prior to the Venture)

Finally, each battery size is added to the end of a product name to designate what size battery the product uses (10, 13, 312, etc.)

So a Phonak Audeo B90 312 is a receiver in canal instrument, in the premium level, using the latest chip platform, in a size 312 battery.

Find the best Phonak hearing aid models at Finding a high quality hearing aid product is always a challenge. Finding a high quality hearing product at a reasonable price is even more difficult.  Order Phonak hearing aids online safe and secure.  Order in confidence with our 60 day 100% money back refund policy, a full refund is granted to anyone who returns the purchase within 60 days.  Purchase the Phonak Audeo BR Hearing Aids up to 55% Off Retail of what you may pay in your local shop.


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