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About Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron has led the way for hearing aid manufacturers in producing hearing aids with features that address varied background and noise levels.

Unitron History

Unitron believes the best way to help consumers choose hearing aids is to offer the opportunity to test hearing aid products before a purchase. Unitron’s unique Flex™ program gives you the opportunity to wear and use hearing aids calibrated to your personal type of hearing loss. That way you can feel confident in your choice.

The Personal Hearing Consultants at Next Level Hearing know the Unitron brand line well, and can provide important insight on how you can try these fine devices out to see if they’re right. 

Why Unitron?

Unitron - Hearing Matters

Once you’ve determined the type of hearing aid you need, Unitron makes the next step easy, offering models to alleviate almost every type of hearing loss. 

Models include receiver-in-canal, in-the-ear, and behind-the-ear styles. And every Unitron option guarantees quality and responsiveness. You get clear sound in a device that meets your precise needs in style, fit, and comfort. Unitron is known for its clarity and ability to deliver sound in all listening situations, so you’ll be pleased with the hearing you’ll gain and how easy Unitron hearing aids are to use. We want you to wake up every day excited about what you’ll hear. 

Sleek Design: A lot of thought and insight went into designing and hearing aid with easy access to volume and program controls that are comfortable to wear all day long.

Flex Upgrade: If during the life of your hearing aid the demands of your listening environments change, and you feel you need more technology, it is possible to upgrade your hearing aids down the road.  With many Unitron hearing aids, you are able to upgrade the software in the hearing aid without purchasing a new hearing aid, simply paying a fee.

SoundNav: Unitron’s automatic startup program which make automatic adjustments to the volume and program settings depending on the environment you are in. 

What’s in a name?

Often times, the names of the products add additional confusion.  Each manufacturer uses a different naming convention for their products which makes comparisons among the brands even more difficult.  At Next Level Hearing, we help you decode the different names so that you can better understand your recommendation.  We encourage you to come back to this section after you get a recommendation in order to better understand which product you have been recommended and why.

By style 
At Unitron, each style is given a different name:

  • Moxi: Receiver in Canal (RIC)
  • Stride: Behind the Ear (BTE) 

By size 
Unitron then further differentiates its products by giving a name to the different sizes. For the Moxi products, Unitron adds a second name to differentiate the battery size and whether or not the model has a push button.

Moxi Dura: RIC with a size 13 battery and a push button 
Moxi Kiss: RIC that is smaller, with no buttons and a 312 battery 
Moxi Fit: RIC with a size 312 battery and push button

By technology level 
Each product is then assigned a technology level:

  • Pro: Premium (most features) 
  • 800: Advanced 
  • 700: Standard 
  • 600: Essential 
  • 500: Basic (least features)

By processing chip 
Unitron also names each product platform based on which processing chip is being used. This will help you differentiate between the latest generation of product from the older products:

  • Powered by North: this is the newest platform available
  • Powered by Quantum: this is the previous generation platform

For example, a Unitron Moxi Fit Pro is a top of the line RIC working on the North Platform.

Find the best Unitron hearing aid models at Nextlevelhearing.com. Finding a high quality hearing aid product is always a challenge. Finding a high quality hearing product at a reasonable price is even more difficult.  Order Unitron Hearing aids online safe and secure.  Order in confidence with our 60 day 100% money back refund policy.  Purchase the Unitron Moxi Pro Hearing Aids up to 55% Off Retail of what you may pay in your local hearing aid office.


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