Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids


Why Widex?

Widex is focused on helping its customers recapture the sounds of their world. They are the 6th largest hearing aid manufacturer and still family owned.  As one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, Widex is known for their digital technology that’s superior to many brands on the market. Widex hearing aids deliver comfort when listening to conversations even in restaurants, at the gym, or in busy airports where it may normally be difficult to listen and respond. Widex hearing aids are able to combat poor weather conditions too. Choose Widex and get a powerful hearing aid with long battery life. Widex is perfect for people on-the-go who want trouble-free hearing aids.

Your Next Level Hearing Personal Hearing Consultant is always available to discuss Widex products and help you learn the many ways these innovative hearing solutions can benefit your lifestyle. They also created the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid and continue to revolutionize wireless technology.  Widex has long been at the forefront of hearing technology, since their first pocket model hearing aid in 1956. Explore the product lineup at Widex and you’ll find hearing aids of every type, from practical and easy-to-use behind-the-ear models, to those that are essentially invisible to the eye. Many Widex hearing aids also connect to useful electronic devices like cellphones and TV’s to help people of all ages communicate in the digital age.

Consult with Next Level Hearing to discuss how to get the most out of your hearing aid when using the technologies that are increasingly becoming more standard in daily communications and entertainment. With the 60 Day guarantee offered by Next Level Hearing on all Widex products, now is the perfect time to discuss how Widex can improve both your ability to hear and your quality of life.

Sound Class Technology: Widex hearing aids will automatically adjust settings based on the environment you are in, eliminating the need for you to press buttons or worry about adjusting the volume.

Zen: For tinnitus sufferers, Widex hearing aids offer a wide range of listening programs for relaxation and tinnitus management.

“The Widex Sound”: The Widex sound introduces a very wide spectrum of sounds. If you think about taking a picture, the only things that develop on the film are those that fit in the lens. Similarly, with hearing aids the only sound that comes through the hearing aid are the sounds that are captured by the microphone. Widex has a very large “lens” or microphone range to give a full and natural sound.

The Fusion Beyond hearing aid is their brand new solution. It was introduced in November of 2016. It’s a behind-the-ear hearing aid that is Made for iPhone and quite small. It gives users that Widex sound they crave and allows for them to customize the sound profile to their pleasure.  Since we are an authorized Widex retailer we are able to offer you some great prices on many Widex products including:

  • Widex Beyond Fusion2 440 made for iPhone
  • Widex Beyond Fusion2 330 made for iPhone
  • Widex Beyond Fusion2 220 made for iPhone

Buy Widex hearing aids online at NextLevelHearing.com.

What’s in a name?

Often times, the names of the products add additional confusion. Each manufacturer uses a different naming convention for their products which makes comparisons among the brands even more difficult. At Next Level Hearing, we help you decode the different names so that you can better understand your recommendation. We encourage you to come back to this section after you get a recommendation in order to better understand the which product you have been recommended and why.

By style
Widex hearing aids are divided into different names for different styles and battery sizes.

Passion: RIC with a size 10 battery
Fusion: RIC with a size 312 battery

By technology
Here, we also have several levels of technology with the higher number being the most advanced.


Model Average Retail Our Price Each As Low As
Fusion Belong 440 $3,600 $1,675 $63/mo.*
Fusion Belong 330 $2,640 $1,275 $46/mo.*
Fusion Belong 220 $2,400 $1,075 $42/mo.*


440: Premium
330: Advanced
220: Standard
110: Essential

By processing chip
Widex also names each product platform based on which processing chip is being used.  This will help you differentiate between the latest generation of product from the older products:

  • Belong: the newest platform released in November of 2016
  • Unique: A very modern platform from Widex 
  • Dream: the previous generation

An example would be Widex Unique 440 Passion which correlates to a premium level RIC with a 10 battery. 

Find the best Widex hearing aid models at Nextlevelhearing.com. Finding a high quality hearing aid product is always a challenge. Finding a high quality hearing product at a reasonable price is even more difficult.  Order Widex hearing aids online safe and secure.  Order in confidence with our 60 day 100% money back refund policy, a full refund is granted to anyone who returns the purchase within 60 days.  Purchase the Widex Beyond Fusion 440 Hearing Aids  today up to 55% Off Retail of what you may pay in your local hearing aid office.


By offering Widex Products on this website, we are in no way representing ourselves as an affiliate with Widex. Next Level Hearing is not part of a joint venture with Widex and there is no affiliation whatsoever between NextLevelHearing.com and Widex beyond the sale of Widex products on this website. Next Level Hearing is an independent company from Widex and we do not manufacture any of the products available for purchase on this website. Next Level Hearing makes no claims to any rights of Widex's intellectual property of patents, copyrights or trademarks. The use of the Widex logo or name and other relevant Widex educational materials on this website are purely for informational purposes about the products offered for sale.


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