SPIN Noise Management

SPiN Management

SPiN Management, for Speech in Noise, puts a trio of technologies to work. Together, they enhance speech, reduce noise, and optimize control of listening scenarios.

SPiN Directionality
An all new microphone system, SPiN Directionality automatically activates and shifts direction to track and locate moving sound signals. By using 16 independent frequency bands, it locates speech signals with extreme precision. 

SPiN Noise Reduction
This ultra-fast technology automatically differentiates between speech and noise and immediately reduces unwanted sounds. It works in tandem with SPiN Directionality across the same 16 frequency bands. 

SPiN Engage
SPiN Engage brings these two technologies together, reacting according to individual listening needs. As different levels of noise enter the environment, SPiN Engage synchronizes directionality and noise reduction efforts.

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